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Dead Wood Removal

Dead wooding is the removal of major dead limbs and branches from a tree.

Light deficiency, pests, disease, and root damage are all part of a range of reasons why branches can die off. Dead wooding should be carried out for safety as dead branches will eventually decay and fall off. This process is normally slow, but can be shortened by high winds and extremities of temperature. This is particularly crucial for trees overhanging roads, houses, public areas and gardens.

Dead wooding can be undertaken for many reasons, a common reason being safety. When limbs die they become weak and at some point will fall off. Depending on where the tree is located this may cause a potential threat to pedestrians, traffic or children playing below, therefore the measure to be taken is a climbing inspection of the tree to remove any major deadwood causing threat.

Notice that when mentioning the dead material to be removed ‘major deadwood’ was stated. This reasoning is because there are plenty of dead branches which are too small to be a concern; therefore it would not be necessary to remove them. It is the decision of the climber to choose the diameter of dead wood according to the timber characteristics that should be removed from the canopy for each individual tree.

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