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When a tree is being removed it cannot always be felled. The canopy may have to be taken down in sections for safety or to avoid property damage.

This process involves rope access into the canopy along with rope techniques to lower the branches and timber to the ground in a controlled manner.

Dismantling a tree can be an ideal method for trees that are dead, dangerous, storm damaged, overhanging buildings and property, or sites which have difficult access or confined space.

The operation of sectional felling is undertaken as follows: the climber will access the highest / safest point of the tree and install his climbing line; a rigging pulley with a rated line will be placed around a structural branch collar at the top of the tree. When these tasks have been completed the climber will start dismantling the trees limbs from the bottom upward.

All the cut material is lowered to the ground with a great deal of care and precision. The ground crew runs the lowering rope through a friction device to aid in taking the full weight of the branch. Once all the side growth has been removed, the climber will then start sectioning down the stem until it has been cut to the ground level.

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