A Dedicated Service to the Maintenance
and Preservation of your Trees, Hedges
and Woodland on the Isle of Wight

Hedge Work

There are many forms of hedge work that can be completed, from a simple trim, to the “laying” of your hedge.

Hedge work is a specific area which needs to be treated in a delicate way in order to prolong the hedges life and the amenity features it will give off during its life.

A hedge can be shortened in its width and height in order for it to suit its surroundings. Hedges can also just be reshaped and made presentable.

When it comes to reducing / trimming the front, back or sides of hedges it is important to not cut beyond the green growth. If the green growth is totally cut out whilst trimming then it is unlikely to grow back. In order to achieve a dense and tight hedge it will take years of trimming, this cannot be achieved by cutting the hedge heavily in one hit.

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