A Dedicated Service to the Maintenance
and Preservation of your Trees, Hedges
and Woodland on the Isle of Wight

Planting of New Trees and Hedges

Planting new trees and hedges is essential to the maintenance of our surroundings, or if you have had to remove a tree/hedge due to health issues.

Correct planting is critical to the future health of your tree/hedge, and will reduce future problems and costs. Planting depth, nursery stock quality, and soil and hole preparation are all key to your tree’s/hedge’s establishment in its new location.

We are able to suggest a variety of trees/hedging plants appropriate for your specific site, and will help you select the right tree/hedging for the right place. We purchase trees/hedging of exceptional quality from local nurseries.

This service includes the delivery, planting, and after care that your tree/hedge needs to survive.

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