A Dedicated Service to the Maintenance
and Preservation of your Trees, Hedges
and Woodland on the Isle of Wight

Scrub Clearance

Scrub clearance is the removal of overgrown vegetation.

This can range from a small neglected garden that needs clearing ready for landscaping, to a large space covering many acres that needs turning back from over grown bramble or self-seeded woodland, to agricultural land or open parkland for public recreation. Or, in fact, anywhere in between!

The vegetation is cut either by hand or machine depending on the size of the plants and/or the space.

Once cut all the vegetation can be chipped and removed from site for recycling, left in “windrows/habitat piles” or burnt.

Once the vegetation is removed the roots can be poisoned, dug out, or for larger stumps, removed by a stump grinder or winch. The method of removing the plant roots again depends on the type of plant and the location.

A mixture of all the methods normally means a very efficient and cost effective solution for your site.

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